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What is NeoNS

The Neo Name Service (NeoNS) is a distributed open naming system based on Neo blockchain. The main goal of NeoNS is to map names like alice.neo to other source identifiers such as N3 addresses, NeoFS shared link, IPV4 addresses, IPV6 addresses, and other metadata.

NeoNS also has dot-separated hierarchical names called domains. The owner of a domain has full control of all its subdomains.

Top-level domains, like .neo, are owned by the Neo Committee. Users can only register domains with the registered top-level domains, such as alice.neo instead of alice.eth if the top-level domain .eth is not registered yet. Once the domain alice.neo registered users can register any subdomains ended with it, for example, hello.alice.neo, and configure it with records.

Quick Start

NeoNS Mainnet Contract Hash: 0x50ac1c37690cc2cfc594472833cf57505d5f46de

NeoNS Magnet N3T5 Hash (Recommended): 0x50ac1c37690cc2cfc594472833cf57505d5f46de

The source code can be found [here](non-native-contracts/src/NameService at master · neo-project/non-native-contracts · GitHub).

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